MND Support Groups, Information & Resources

There are several support groups providing comprehensive information and advice for patients, their carers and families.

The MNDA has an excellent website including sections on diagnosis, symptom management, local contacts and current research.

The South Yorkshire Branch of the MNDA has it’s own pages containing details of local support services and events.

The MNDA Forum is an active, social forum connecting people living with MND. The forum covers a wide range of topics.

MND Scotland features similar information and resources for patients living in Scotland.

myTube contains information, advice and resources to help people to make choices around nutrition support and feeding tubes.

myBreathing contains information, advice and resources to help people make choices around breathing support and ventilation.

Healthtalk has video interviews with 47 MND patients and their carers, detailing their experiences living with the condition.

Patients Like Me is a global patient networking site covering several disease-based groups, including one for MND/ALS.